Why to get certified in NDT

Now a days scope of NDT is increasing due to increasing requirements of product safety and reliability. So increasing use of quality tools has helped to ensure above needs. Recent trends suggest that now NDT has become a part of production processes instead of being only quality tools. Certification in NDT will help to improve the employability of the candidates.

Why to get certified at DKS NDT

At DKSNDT, we take efforts to give best training and learning experience in the industry. We make use of latest technology to ensure proper understanding of the concepts. We have simulators, instruments, flawed samples, etc to ensure that candidates have full hands on experience.

What is the certification scheme followed at DKSNDT?

Right now, we offer certification records meeting the recommendations of "Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A, published by ASNT. This is an employer based certification scheme, which will help your employer in complying the requirements of their Written Practice based on SNT TC 1A.

When are the courses conducted at DKSNDT?

Right now reqular courses are scheduled for RT, MT, PT and UT methods. This schedule can be accessed from UPCOMING COURSES tab. Custom courses can be scheduled for minimum 5 candidates